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A fascinating insight into the world of animal poo – with “strange but poo” facts, from the smelliest, biggest, smallest, and most expensive poo to poo camouflage and keeping warm, discover all there is to know about animal poo and its uses. Photos combine with the tongue-in-cheek humour of Tony De Saulles’ fabulous illustrations and Paul’s Mason’s raucous text to enliven even the most reluctant reader. A great book for satisfying the curiosity of 7 to 9 years olds while learning science at the same time!


There are three things I challenge the reader NOT to do when they flick through the pages of this book: 1. I challenge you NOT to laugh; 2. I challenge you NOT to hunt for the poo; 3. I challenge you NOT to learn something.
Armadillo Magazine
This is an innovative and informative book that will catch the eye of even the most reluctant reader... I believe this is an essential book for class book corners all over the world.
Armadillo Magazine
The book manages to be both funny (and silly) as well as being very interesting and educational...I learned a lot from this book! It is very readable and engaging. I know some people shy away from giving their children silly fart joke books and the like, but I would heartily recommend they rethink their no-poo policy when it comes to this book. It is genuinely interesting, and done in such a brilliant way that you do find yourself reading it without the kids and then quoting interesting facts to work colleagues...so, one for the kids, and the grown ups too!
This is a title guaranteed to appeal to children! This fascinating insight into the world of animal poo is filled with hilarious illustrations and fascinating facts... Humour is rife throughout the book and makes a great way to encourage children to learn about the animal world.
Parents in Touch