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Infographic: How It Works: Today's Technology

Infographic: How It Works: Today's Technology

There are endless facts to learn about the technology we use every day, but once you’ve absorbed them, do you really know how your own gadgets work? They make our lives easier thanks to some incredible processes – and grasping them is the key to understanding technology. It’s time to discover how a house can make its own power, how a touchscreen works and how GPS helps us find our way. Pore over the step-by-step infographic art and fascinating facts to uncover the dazzling truth behind technology – then try out the mind-bending challenges on each page!

How a house can make its own power
How a light bulb grows
How a microwave cooks food
How a refrigerator works
How a robot cleans a room
How TV is broadcast
How a computer works
How movies are streamed
How a mobile phone makes a call
How a touchscreen works
How GPS finds your way
How a 3D printer works

The Infographic How It Works series is an exploration of the processes that make the world (and the universe) go round, from the activity in tectonic plates to the enzymes that break down food in our bodies. Each process is clearly explained using amazing infographics and essential facts – plus an experiment or challenge for readers to try, so they can keep the discovery going.

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