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Back to Blackbrick

Back to Blackbrick

The stunning debut novel from DUBRAYS No.1 Bestseller and SUNDAY TIMES Children’s Book of the Week Winner Sarah Moore Fitzgerald. Partnered with ALZHEIMER’S RESEARCH this is a compassionate, humorous and moving story which tackles some big questions.

‘The ghosts in your life don’t ever really go away. Every so often they will whisper to you …

Don’t worry about it too much.’

When Cosmo keeps his promise to his granddad to go to Blackbrick, he finds himself in the forgotten corner of a distant past, one that his granddad has, strangely, never really talked about. Here friendships come to life, there are new beginnings, a lifetime of memories and everything is still possible…

An extraordinary debut novel with a fantastic voice perfect for fans of Annabel Pitcher and Siobhan Dowd.
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Genre: Interest Age / Level / Interest Age: From C 12 Years

On Sale: 7th February 2013

Price: £6.99

ISBN-13: 9781444007084


...a clever, engaging story of a teenager who finds an unexpected way to deal with the gradual disintegration of his grandfather's memories and personality.
Back to Blackbrick tackles one of the great social and medical issues of our time, but does so eloquently, sensitively and with knowing humour. We are the sum of our memories, and Sarah Moore Fitzgerald explores this idea in a unique and compelling way. As well as being a thoroughly enjoyable read, the book could help young people to understand how Alzheimer's takes its toll as the disease becomes increasingly common.
Rebecca Wood, Chief Executive, ALZHEIMER'S RESEARCH UK
A beautifully pitched book about seeing a grandparent deteriorate due to Alzheimer's. A pitch perfect book that had me hooked from the first page and refused to let go.
A compelling time shift drama about love and loss.
A tear-jerker with lessons in how to live life to the full.
Nicolette Jones, THE SUNDAY TIMES
A thoughtful novel about memory, the past and about how our actions have consequences
Hughes and Hughes, IRISH PARENT
Back to Blackbrick deals with the serious and complex emotions facing a young teenager as he comes to terms with his grandfather's dementia. Sarah Moore Fitzgerald explores the complex emotions surrounding Alzheimer's disease, but in the context of a warm and humorous story exploring memory, family, separation and loss. A highly entertaining read, this will also introduce young people to one of the greatest social, medical and economic challenges of our time.
Dr Selina Wray, Dementia Research Scientist, ALZHEIMER'S RESEARCH UK
I enjoyed the book so much. The adventure, the mystery, and the characters all work wonderfully in story telling terms but the big message is that love is the key. To be loved is to be known and without that, we're lost, whatever our circumstances. This book deserves to be read by people of all ages. It's a delight.
Lindsay Duncan, Patron, ALZHEIMER'S RESEARCH UK
I haven't been able to get Back to Blackbrick out of my mind since I read it. It's a deep, thought-provoking debut by an Irish author, showing the depths of family love and the horror when these bonds begin to fray from tragedy. It also shows the stark class divide in Irish society a century ago, and the power and control held by the rich over their staff, and the portrayal of these themes make this novel more suitable for 12+. Above all, however, this is a novel about families and love and deserves to be read by as many people as possible.
Helen Corcoran, Grafton Street, DUBRAY BOOKS
It is told in such a way that it will appeal to the children for whom it is written as much as it will an adult audience who need and want to understand how to come to terms with terminal illness, disease and memory loss. A book not to miss.
one of Ireland's most interesting children's writers
Orion has high expectations for this debut author, and deservedly so. Original and compelling, this is a beautifully written novel about love, loss, history and memory for readers of 10+. Wonderful storytelling.
The characters are well-drawn in this absorbing and thought-provoking timeslip novel. Sarah Moore Fitzgerald tells a moving and original story of love and loss with both humour and understanding.
The characters are well-drawn in this absorbing and thought-provoking timeslip novel. Sarah Moore Fitzgerald tells a moving and original story of love and loss with both humour and understanding.
The reader is drawn into a strange world of great friendships, loyalty and tragedy. Back to Blackbrick is a very original and unusual read.
This beautiful novel is deceptively easy to read; the story rattles along while dealing sensitively with issues of love, loss, illness and memory. It's a moving and poignant story, but there are funny moments, too. Back to Blackbrick is an impressive debut novel that already feels like a classic.
This beautifully-written time-slip novel explores memory loss, grief and family relationships. It's narrated in a lively 21st-century voice by Cosmo, who lives with his grandparents. We learn that Cosmo's mother has gone to Australia to work and that his brother Brian died in an accident. His grandfather, Kevin, is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, and Cosmo searches the internet trying to find a way to reverse his beloved grandfather's memory loss.
Part mystery, part sweet romance ... Young readers will be hooked from the get-go.
PEOPLE, The Best Children’s Books of 2016 on THE APPLE TART OF HOPE