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Did Anything Good Come Out of... WWI?

Did Anything Good Come Out of... WWI?

This book looks at how and why World War I was born out of the longstanding rivalries and feuds between European nations, at home and across their overseas empires, and how the conflict sucked in imperial and colonial troops from around the world. It examines the legacy of the the war, both in terms of the bad things that came out of it, such as the rise of fascism and totalitarian rule, and the good things, including developments in medicine and plastic surgery, enhanced aeroplane technology and advances in suffrage and equality for women.
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Genre: Designed / Suitable For National Curriculum / For National Curriculum Key Stage 3 / Suitable For Uk Curricula & Examinations

On Sale: 22nd October 2015

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9780750295918

Did Anything Good Come Out Of