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Illustrated series introducing children to various aspects of Nature, through a Q&A format.

Have you ever wondered why we have seasons, where the wind comes from or how we predict the weather? Read this book to find out about weather and how our planet changes throughout the year.

Why is the sky blue? How long does a forest take to grow? Is it Mist or Fog? These are a few of the questions that are answered in the illustrated series Curious Nature. Natural phenomena are introduced as questions and answered in a simple and comprehensive way.

Other topics in this series are animals, biomes, human body, planet earth, plants, weather and seasons.

Perfect for readers aged 6 and up.


Visually appealing throughout, this book gives a great introduction to the topic of weather. A great book for both class work and independent study, ideal for the younger reader.
The School Librarian
Inquisitive children will find this book just right to answer a multitude of questions about the world around us... Perfect for readers aged 6 and up, the book answers these questions clearly and succinctly, accompanied by excellent illustrative material.
Parents in Touch