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David’s fingers squeezed hers, and through the connection that opened between them when they touched, Reese felt his emotions echoing her own. They both had that jittery, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that said: You’re about to do something that could either be a huge success or a crushing defeat.

Reese and David are different now. Surrounded by a web of conspiracies, Reece feels that she must choose between two worlds.

Her choices: David – or Amber? This world – or another? Should they tell the truth, and risk everything?

The hotly awaited sequel to ADAPTATION, from the acclaimed author of ASH. Read on with Malinda’s eBook-only novella, NATURAL SELECTION – for all fans of Reese and Amber!


A clever, fast-paced, romantic adventure chock full of twists and surprises.
Holly Black, New York Times bestselling author
Praise for ASH: 'A fascinating novel for mature teens.'
School Librarian
A book which will have teenagers entranced.
Beautifully written... this sensual and evocative novel is a sophisticated fairy-tale for older readers.
A good read for fans of dystopia and post-apocalyptic disasters with a complex plot and several twists and turns
School Librarian