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The Viking Sagas: Bracelet of Bones

The Viking Sagas: Bracelet of Bones

The breathtaking new adventure from the bestselling and multi-award-winning Kevin Crossley-Holland.

One morning Solveig wakes to find her father has broken his promise. Halfdan, a Viking mercenary, has followed the young warrior Harald Hardrada to Miklagard (Constantinople), where he is leader of the Empress’s guard.

Solveig sets off in a tiny boat to find him. So begins a fierce journey of discovery and survival, where the young Viking girl will meet a ghost ship and befriend an English slave, shoot rapids, survive an arrow storm, and witness a living sacrifice. Will Solveig reach Miklagard? And will her father be there?

Bracelet of Bones is a glittering novel about fathers and daughters, the clash of religions, courage and self-reliance and a perilous journey to young womanhood.
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Genre: Children's, Teenage & Educational / Children's / Teenage Fiction & True Stories / Adventure Stories (children's / Teenage)

On Sale: 31st March 2011

Price: £7.99

ISBN-13: 9781849162432


'In this beautiful and complex book, it's impossible not to fall in love with Kevin Crossley-Holland's heroine, Solveig ... Kevin Crossley-Holland is a wonderful writer and poet, who gifts us an added layer of magic, with the sheer depth of his knowledge about the Viking world' Awfully Big Blog Adventure.
Awfully Big Blog Adventure
'Kevin Crossley-Holland is one of the giants of children's fiction' Philip Reeve.
Philip Reeve
'Crossley-Holland writes prose with a poet's eye and love of words, painting a vivid picture of the world his characters move through' Guardian.
'A Norse saga with a difference ... travelogue through a beautifully realised 11th-century Europe, full of incident and subtle characterisation' The Financial Times.
Financial Times
'Sweeps the reader away on a vivid voyage of adventure ... mesmerising' The Times.
The Times
'Kevin Crossley-Holland is a wonderful storyteller who writes compellingly and whose historical novels have brought history alive for many readers' Parents in Touch.
Parents in Touch
'It's all simmering tensions and questions about honour and betrayal and is a real page-turner' Suffolk Norfolk life.
Suffolk Norfolk life
'This beautifully written and sustained story of a journey is based on an intimate knowledge of the Norse and Viking worlds' Irish Sunday Independent.
Irish Sunday Independent