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Diary of a Chav: Keeping it Real

Diary of a Chav: Keeping it Real

It’s back to Goodmayes and the cast and characters of the very first Diary of a Chav (Trainers V Tiaras) for this 6th diary from Shiraz, for whom life is about to get just a little bit darker…

Shiraz is nearly 19 and has been living away from home for the past few months but is now back in Goodmayes, Essex in her old cell-like bedroom plotting her future. She’s absolutely determined to get to college and get on her way to being a writer, who ACTUALLY GETS PAID this time! She knows she’s going to have to have a few words with Wesley about their future as he’s planning all sorts himself and it isn’t fair. Can she really contemplate a future without her lovely Wesley? But will he ever fit into her new life? Talk about a total quandary!

And while she’s mulling that one over her mum Diane drops a massive bombshell on the whole family and Shiraz’s life is suddenly turned upside down. Soon home in Goodmayes seems like the only place to be, sorrounded by everyone she’s grown up with, people she loves to bits…Can Shiraz give up her dreams? Does she have to? Wait and see.
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Genre: Designed / Suitable For National Curriculum / For National Curriculum Key Stage 3 / Suitable For Uk Curricula & Examinations

On Sale: 5th March 2009

Price: £5.99

ISBN-13: 9780340970652


Wickedly hilarious
"...this book is hilariously honest and will have you chuckling from the beginning to end"
Hot Stars (Ok Magazine)
"She's back! Diary of a Chav - Keeping It Real, is all about the hilarious adventures of the super-sparky and mouthy Shiraz Bailey Wood. Shiraz is back in Goodmayes, Essex, revisiting old friends in this, her sixth Chav Diary, and her life is about to get a tad darker ... We can't get enough of Shiraz's shenanigans ...we dare you not to laugh out loud!"