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The Dead: The Damned

The Dead: The Damned

Tombs. Hundreds of them. All lying in concentric rings in the greasy, cold darkness of the cavern. At their very centre, hanging from a burnt and blackened tree. a huge, cracked bell. And under that, The Gate, built from the bones of a thousand murdered souls. Lazarus knew ringing the bell would be very bad. He also knew he had no choice – he needed the kind of help only Hell could give him…  The Dead don’t just want to return, they want Earth for themselves. And it’s Lazarus Stone, Keeper of the Dead, who has to stop them. Trouble is, the Dead are the exact opposite of rotting, stumbling corpses. And they desire one thing only: to live again. To do that, all they need is a good supply of fresh, warm bodies…  Lazarus now knows his mum murdered him, betrayed his dad, and is about to open a portal between worlds that will bring about the end of life as we know it. Trouble is, his best mate has disappeared (again), he still hasn’t rescued his dad (but he will), and the only help he has is that of an undead priest (who carries a blunderbuss) and a female angel (who drives a 4×4 and has an alcohol problem). This isn’t just about saving the world, this is personal…
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Genre: Designed / Suitable For National Curriculum / For National Curriculum Key Stage 3 / Suitable For Uk Curricula & Examinations

On Sale: 7th April 2011

Price: £5.99

ISBN-13: 9781444902068


David Gatward is going to become a big name in YA horror circles.
The Book Zone
There's a great deal to enjoy in this book and the series seems set to provide lots more. Teen horror fans are going to love it.
The Bookbag
A relentless and gruesome thrill ride The Dead marks out David Gatward as one to watch in Young Adult Horror.
SFX Magazine
Looking for chills, spine tingling weirdness, and gut-wrenching gore? Well, this book will hit the spot.
Flipside Magazine
A weekend spent in the company of The Dead is a weekend spent well.
GoreZone Magazine
'...perfect for teens looking to try a good old-fashioned horror novel...'
Horror for kids has a compelling, and very twisted, new voice.
SFX Magazine