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Prehistoric Life: Mammals, Birds and other Vertebrates

Prehistoric Life: Mammals, Birds and other Vertebrates

A fascinating insight in to some of the incredible invertebrates that lived on Earth millions of years ago.

Hundreds of millions of years before humans had evolved, our planet was already teeming with life. In prehistoric oceans, stony deserts, warm swamps and vast grasslands, there lived an incredible variety of plants and animals.

Vertebrate life came in many forms. Fearsome sabre-toothed cats hunted prey in wide grasslands, flying reptiles ruled the skies and terrifying monstrous sharks patrolled the ocean depths.

Delve into Prehistoric Life and discover some astounding mammals, birds and other vertebrates that once lived on Earth.

This stunningly illustrated series looks at life in the prehistoric era, focusing not just on dinosaurs, but looking at the world as a whole. The prehistoric era is absolutely fascinating for children and adults alike, and is useful for schools studying history chronologically. Amazingly detailed and accurate illustrations bring the prehistoric era to life. Engaging reading for children aged 7+.

Prehistoric Life is a series of four books:
Mammals, Birds and other Vertebrates
Insects, Bugs and other Invertebrates
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On Sale: 14th February 2019

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9781445158884