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History's Most Epic Fibs

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781526366795

Price: £10.99

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Separate the FACTS from the historical fake news, and uncover some of history’s most EPIC FIBS.

History is full of brave knights, fearsome queens, legendary explorers and epic stories passed down through the ages. But how much of what we THINK we know about history is true? And how much is just an EPIC FIB? Athena Kugblenu – comedian, podcaster and writer on CBBC’s Horrible Histories – discovers the truth that lies behind the tall tales.

From harmless porkies that were just a bit of fun, to terrible untruths with HUGE consequences, it’s time to separate fact from fiction. Whether it’s revealing that Vikings never wore horned helmets and that famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra wasn’t actually, erm, Egyptian, to telling the truth about who really ‘discovered’ America and Australia, or how much we really know about what people looked like in the past.

With dynamic illustrations included throughout, History’s Most Epic Fibs separates the truth from the historical whoppers and shows that when it comes to history, things aren’t always what they seem . . .