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Peaceful Planet?

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781445187440

Price: £9.99

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Peaceful Planet offers young readers a clear, insightful look at conflict – and peace – in our world

What is peace? When people are living in peace, it means they can get along, solve problems together and help each other. The opposite of peace is war: when countries or other groups of people fight each other. When society is peaceful, you’re free to get on with your life: to work, learn, travel, have fun and make things better for others, in safety. By contrast, wars are incredibly harmful, leading to death and injury, destruction of homes and infrastructure, poverty and widespread suffering. So why do we have wars – and how can we make our world more peaceful?

Peaceful Planet? explains many reasons behind global conflict – from fights over land and resources to disagreement over beliefs. It explores the different ways in which conflict can take place, from huge global conflicts such as the Second World War, to civil wars, revolutions and power grabs. It also looks at how peace can be achieved, even in the most bitter and challenging conflicts, and explores what we can all do – at a global and an individual level – to help make the world a more peaceful place.

Aimed at readers aged 9 and up.

War and peace
Living in peace
Dealing with disagreements
What do we fight over?
Types of war
Build-up to war
CASE STUDY: The Second World War
Weapons and war
Working for peace
Ending a war
CASE STUDY: The Good Friday Agreement
After the war
United world
What leads to peace?
CASE STUDY: Building peace in Rwanda
Peace leaders
Big ideas
What can you do?
Peaceful planet
Further information

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