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Pandemic Planet

Pandemic Planet

Pandemic Planet gives young readers a clear, insightful, non-alarmist introduction to viruses and pandemics.

Covid-19 has changed our world almost beyond recognition, but viruses and pandemics have always been with us. Pandemic Planet explores how we define pandemics, describes pandemics through the ages, from the Black Death to SARS, and assesses how we can arm ourselves against them, both at an individual and a global level.

The matter-of-fact, clear and non-alarmist approach will reassure anxious readers. The book also looks at how we can learn from pandemics, as well as some unexpectedly positive outcomes

The author, Anna Claybourne, is an award-winning science writer.

1: Worldwide crisis
2: What does ‘pandemic’ mean?
3: Germs and diseases
4: Pandemics of the past
5: CASE STUDY: The Black Death
6: Immunity
7: The early stages
8: Out of control
9: CASE STUDY: The 1918-19 flu pandemic
10: Lockdown!
11: Pandemic problems
12: CASE STUDY: Covid-19
13: Finding a solution
14: Back to normal
15: Preventing and preparing
16: What can you do?
17: Antibiotics alert!
18: CASE STUDY: Antibiotic-resistant TB
19: Pandemic planet?
20: The positives
21: Glossary
22: Further reading
23: Index
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Genre: Children's, Teenage & Educational / Educational Material / Educational: Sciences, General Science

On Sale: 8th April 2021

Price: £13.99

ISBN-13: 9781445180700