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A Whole World of...: Prehistoric Life

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Get lost in the diverse and bustling world of prehistoric life – with more to explore than you ever imagined!

A Whole World of Prehistoric Life presents the stunning breadth of animal and plant varieties that filled prehistoric Earth. Which types of animal could swim or fly? When did flowers start appearing? Where do the dinosaurs fit into all of it? Which living things look familiar, and which look absolutely alien? This book has the answers and so many more facts filling the beautifully illustrated pages.

A Whole World of is a book series looking at the extraordinary diversity of life on Earth – the defining features and evolutionary branches – and encourages readers age 7 and up to consider why it is important to maintain biodiversity. Written by award-winning author, Anna Claybourne, with artwork by award-winning illustrator, Yekyung Kwon.

Books in the series:
A Whole World of Mammals/A Whole World of Prehistoric Life/A Whole World of Minibeasts/A Whole World of Birds/A Whole World of Rocks and Minerals/A Whole World of Plants and Fungi

A Whole World of...