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Secret Seven Fireworks

Book 11

By Enid Blyton

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Enid Blyton's classic Secret Seven adventure mysteries re-launched for 21st century readers

The Secret Seven are siblings Peter and Janet, and Jack, Barbara, Pam, Colin and George. Together they are The Secret Seven - ready to solve any mystery, any time - in Enid Blyton's classic series of 15 mystery novels.

In book eleven, Jack's little sister, Susie, is so annoying! The Secret Seven are furious when they discover she's formed her own "detective gang"! Then some money is stolen, and Susie is a chief suspect.

The Seven can't quite believe it - Susie wouldn't do anything that bad... would she?

First published in 1959, this edition contains the original text and is unillustrated.

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  • ISBN: 9781844569458
  • Publication date: 05 May 2011
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  • Imprint: Hodder Children's Books