Wren & Rook



At Wren & Rook, we produce brave, diverse and imaginative books for children and young people. From our highly illustrated non-fiction stories to our personality-led titles for teens and young adults, our books offer trusted and authentic voices amid the clamour of online information. Wren & Rook books are crafted with exceptional narratives and stunning visual appeal, and are designed to be loved by children, to empower teens and to be admired by adults. We are hugely proud to be the publishing home of Women in Science, by Rachel Ignotofsky, Doing It, by Hannah Witton, My Book of Birds by Geraldo Valerio, Transmission by Alex Bertie, and many other bold and important titles. Our books empower, inspire and engage readers of all ages, and we are constantly working to build Wren & Rook’s reputation as the home of beautifully crafted non-fiction.