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  • Joey The Kangaroo

    By An Vrombaut
    An Vrombaut
    Perfect for preschool children, 64 Zoo Lane had the highest viewing figures on CBeebies in 2011. With six classic 64 Zoo Lane stories now reissued, Lucy and her animal fans are bound to win yet more young fans.Lucy has some very strange neighbours with horns and humps, tails and trunks - that's because Lucy lives next door to the zoo! Every night, she climbs down the long long neck of Georgina the Giraffe and listens to one of them tell her a story... Tonight it's the story of Joey. Joey is a little kangaroo who lives in Australia. But Joey has problems doing the one thing all kangaroos are famous for - jumping! Will he learn to jump like a proper kangaroo before the Junior Jump Competition?Have fun with 64 Zoo Lane at
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  • Jumping Jive

    By Chloe Melody
    Chloe Melody
    Join the girls at the Strictly Dance Academy and experience all the fun and glamour of Strictly Come Dancing. Meet Bella, Natalie and Sofia - three dedicated pupils who love to dance!When Bella is picked to dance in a movie starring Jet Rogerson, the most famous, most gorgeous young Hollywood star in the world, she is completely star struck! But when word gets out of the secret studio location the set gets mobbed with screaming fangirls who all want a glimpse of Jet. It looks as if they might have to call off the scene and Bella is devastated. Will she get her moment to dance with the super dreamy star? It's lights, camera... jiving!A must-read for anyone who has ever wished they could be a part of the glamorous world of Strictly Come Dancing.Strictly Come Dancing (or Dancing with the Stars as it is known in the US) is a key BBC one show and can be seen in over 75 countries with approximate worldwide viewing figures standing at 250 million. It was the UK's highest rating programme of 2012 excluding The Olympics, Euro 2012 and The Diamond Jubilee Concert."It's amazing and a really exciting book to read!" Grace, 7"The pictures were beautiful and I think all girls of my age will love it!" Aimee, 10"It made me think I was really at Strictly!" Lucy, 7"I loved the Bella adventures. There were wonderful descriptions of the characters." Josie, 7"The book is really, really good. It's almost like I'm there watching." Sigalia, 7"I can't wait to read the next book." Susan, 8"I like the characters very much and am looking forward to the next book." Eden, 8"Once you start it, you can't stop reading it!" Levana, 8"I enjoyed reading this book because I loved the characters." Mira, 8"So much fun - especially the dancing bits!" Janine, 7"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I'd like to go to the Strictly Academy ... if there was one!" Sterrett, 7"It's really good!" Leora, 6
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