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  • 2.67 Trillion Internet Searches Each Year Using Technology

    By Paul Mason
    Paul Mason
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  • 21st Century Religions: Judaism

    By Michael Keene
    Michael Keene
    This general introduction to Judaism makes a valuable information resource for KS3 and 4 Religious Education students.Written by a highly experienced author of books on religion for children, it covers the roots and history of Judaism. It continues by exploring the beliefs, teachings and practices of modern Judaism, which includes a look at sacred texts and places of worship. The final chapters focus on Judaism and society, and its role in the modern world.A special feature of the book is the 'in our own words' panels in which practising Jews give a personal perspective on being a Jew today. There are numerous panels that give more detailed information on specific aspects such as the Shema and Sabbath practice, as well as quoting important texts. Imaginatively chosen photos with detailed captions extend the range of information presented. Maps show the distribution of believers around the world and historical facts like the journey of the Hebrews out of Egypt. An historical timeline, glossary and index all contribute to making this a highly engaging and accessible source of information and thus an essential work of reference for the 11-14 age range.
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