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  • Knitting

    By Sophie Scott
    Sophie Scott
    Learn how to knit from scratch and create awesome colourful projects! Simple step-by-step instructions and illustrations show you how to complete eight fantastic knitting projects, from simple bookmarks to stripy handwarmers and even an animal hat! Each project will introduce a new technique for you to practise and includes a variation to try once you've mastered the skill. Don't worry if you get stuck - the handy help section at the back will untangle any problems!The Get Into series is designed to get kids excited about being creative. Fun, easy to follow and with colourful illustrations and photography, each book is a comprehensive introduction to a popular hobby. Other titles available: Sewing, Gardening, Baking, Drawing, Photography.
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  • A Kitty Calamity

    By Kate Pankhurst
    Kate Pankhurst
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  • Killer Animals

    By Tracey Turner
    Tracey Turner
    Have you ever:Wrestled a crocodile?Dived with great white sharks?Had a tarantula walk on your hand?If you answered NO to all of the above then this is the book for you!Are you a scaredy cat? Perfect! Feel frightened of animals? Woohoo! Inside you can read about loads of crazy stuff and how to survive - or avoid it.Love you inner wimp!Inside:Deadly Land Predators - Polar Bears, Lions, Tigers, Snakes, HippopotamusesUnder Water Killers - Sharks, Box Jellyfish, CrocodilesTiny Assassins - Mosquitos, Spiders, ScorpionsThis title is published by Franklin Watts EDGE, which produces a range of books to get children reading with confidence. We believe this title will be of interest to readers aged 7+ and to older readers who struggle with reading.EDGE - for books kids can't put down.
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