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  • Emotions

    By Brian Moses
    Brian Moses
    This anthology of poems, compiled by Brian Moses, contains a mix of light-hearted poems and more serious ones, poems that rhyme and those that don't. There are plenty of good 'read alouds', thumping choruses, and the sort of poems that children can use as models for their own writing. Poetry is a key feature of the new National Curriculum and these fantastic poems are perfectly suited for this.Beautiful illustrations bring each poem vividly to life.For other titles compiled by Brians Moses, look for Poems About Animals, Poems About the Seaside and Poems About Festivals.
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  • The Emperor's Head: A Roman Play

    By Julia Donaldson
    Julia Donaldson
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    Even More Nonsense From Michael Rosen

    By Michael Rosen, Clare Mackie
    Michael Rosen
    Illustrated by:
    Clare Mackie
    Following on from Michael Rosen's Book of Nonsense, the crazy poet returns with Even More Nonsense. When will he ever stop?A collection of rhymes, poems and wordplay from Michael Rosen, one of the best-known figures in the children's book world. The hilarious poems are perfectly matched by Clare Mackie's wonderfully bizarre illustrations.
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