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  • Violence Against Women

    By Emma Marriott
    Emma Marriott
    Go behind the headlines to explore the wider background of news stories that are making a major impact across the world. In Violence Against Women we ask why so many women across the world are victims of violence, from domestic abuse and rape to forced abortions, female genital mutilation and murder. Why does it happen, who are the perpetrators and what can be done to stop it happening?This book includes quotes from key figures, opinions from all sides of the argument and debate panels that invite readers aged 12+ to discuss the issues that shape our world. Other titles in the Behind the News series: Global Financial Crisis, Hostage Takers, Race and Crime, School Shootings and Uprising in the Middle East
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  • The Very Clever Aliens

    By Joan Stimson
    Joan Stimson
    The Very Clever Aliens are on their way to Earth - what do they want? Find out in this fun rhyming adventure!
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