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The Greatest Stories Ever Told

By Tony Bradman, Tony Ross
Tony Bradman
Illustrated by:
Tony Ross
This spellbinding collection brings together nine classic adventure stories, each one as thrilling as the last.Travel to far-off lands with fantastical beasts and powerful sorcerers, do battle with dastardly villains and uncover ancient treasure guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. From the heroics of Jason and Hercules, to the bravery of Robin Hood and the cunning of Ali Baba, this is a book full of excitement, surprise and adventure.Told by renowned storyteller Tony Bradman in a lively, humorous style and fully illustrated throughout by the incomparable Tony Ross, this beautiful hardback book, complete with a foiled jacket, will make the perfect gift.Stories included are:Jason and the Golden FleeceKing Arthur's BeginningsAladdin Hercules and the Monstrous CacusSinbad the SailorGeorge and the DragonAli Baba and the Forty ThievesTheseus and the MinotaurRobin Hood
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Gunpowder Plot

By Tony Bradman, Tom Bradman
Tony Bradman, Tom Bradman
A great tool for children to use to stage their own play! Set in London in 1605, it has parts for a group of children and extras with notes on staging, costumes and props. It is great for reading for fun or performing as a group. When Cecil the spymaster and his assistant, Jack, learn of a new plot to kill the king, they are determined to catch the plotters in the act. The trouble is, where do they begin their search?
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