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  • Vegetables

    By Camilla Lloyd
    Camilla Lloyd
    The Photo Word Book series of books are simple, non-fiction reading books to help establish vocabulary, basic grammar and comprehension alongside current reading schemes. The book uses a new typeface with specially designed letter shapes to help with children's literacy development. Each word is featured with one sentence to introduce it. A second sentence relates the word to the charming pictures.Includes a bibliographical quiz to turn the index and contents page into fun games.Designed to bridge the gap between nursery and the national curriculum, these books will introduce emergent readers to curriculum topics in a charming and visually stimulating way. Developed for children to read on their own or with adult guidance in conjunction with the Roehampton Institute. Ideal for emergent readers, reluctant readers and those diagnosed with dyslexia.
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  • Volcanoes

    By Annabelle Lynch
    Annabelle Lynch
    Volcanic eruptions are one of Earth's amazing sights. Find out how and why these mountains explode!Froglets Learners offer fun facts in accessible text, perfect for building reading confidence.
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  • The Very Clever Aliens

    By Joan Stimson
    Joan Stimson
    The Very Clever Aliens are on their way to Earth - what do they want? Find out in this fun rhyming adventure!
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    A Very Strange Creature

    By Ronda Armitage, Layn Marlow
    Ronda Armitage
    Illustrated by:
    Layn Marlow
    When Monkey finds a strange creature in the jungle he's very puzzled, and he calls the other animals to help. It doesn't have a tail for swinging, a trunk for washing, a long neck for reaching the high trees or even webbed feet for swimming. Whatever could it be?Toddlers and parents alike will love this refreshing take on the classic 'new-baby' theme. With wonderfully warm, humorous text from Ronda Armitage, author of family favourite The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.'Perfect reading for toddlers with a new baby in the house' - Junior
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