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  • Volcanic Eruptions

    By Louise Spilsbury, Richard Spilsbury
    Louise Spilsbury, Richard Spilsbury
    Natural disasters devastate communities. They reshape the landscape and can alter people's ways of life in an area for years after the event. Learn all about the 10 worst volcanic Eruptions in this book from Vesuvius to Krakatau.This series explores the world's top ten worst recorded disasters, explaining how and why they happen and where in the world they have taken place. The series also invites the reader to examine what they have learnt about natural disasters and to apply that knowledge by answering critical thinking questions at the end of each book. Perfect for readers aged 9 and up.
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  • Vehicles

    By Georgia Amson-Bradshaw
    Georgia Amson-Bradshaw
    Take a look at how aeroplanes are designed, how they take off and how engineers make sure they stay up in the sky. Find out about cars, trains, boats and helicopters, explore remarkable vehicles from self-driving cars to maglev trains and space rovers, and admire some of the world's most iconic cars. Test your understanding with fun projects such as making your own mini-maglev from plastic bricks and magnets.Inject some fun into STEAM topics, with these lively examinations of buildings, robots, computers, vehicles, materials and space! This bright, colourful new series aims to inspire children with a lifelong love of STEAM subjects.
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  • Volcano Eruption! - Explore materials and use science to survive

    By Richard Spilsbury, Louise Spilsbury
    Richard Spilsbury, Louise Spilsbury
    The volcano is about erupt. But Jess's brother is somewhere on the slopes. Can Jess and her friends find him in time? And can they use their knowledge of materials and other science to bring him back safely off the mountain?Science has never been more exciting with this attention-grabbing approach which delivers true scietific learning through an action-packed story and spectacular graphic illustrations. The science is the story is backed up through simple experiments that readers can try for themselves.
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  • Volcanoes

    By Annabelle Lynch
    Annabelle Lynch
    Volcanic eruptions are one of Earth's amazing sights. Find out how and why these mountains explode!Froglets Learners offer fun facts in accessible text, perfect for building reading confidence.
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