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You Can't Hide

By Sarah Mussi
Sarah Mussi
An unreliable narrator, secret identities and lost memories combine in this page turning YA thriller that will keep you guessing. Perfect for fans of One of Us is Lying.Lexi's been in an accident.But she can't remember it - or any of the events leading up to it.The only thing she knows for sure is that she's still in danger.As fragments of her past start to return, Lexi thinks she knows what happened.But can Lexi trust her own memories?Because if she's wrong... she's in more danger now than ever before.Exactly what happened on that spring evening down by the railway tracks?
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  • Youth Crime

    By Colin Hynson
    Colin Hynson
    Youth crime is one of the most disturbing and contentious issues in our world today. From graffiti to knife crime, discover the truth behind the statistics and find out how police and governments are united in tackling this very public problem.Inside Crime: Youth Crime is part of an exciting new series that takes the reader undercover to explore the real world of crimefighting. Using up-to-date case studies alongside real-life examples of how famous crimes have been solved, Inside Crime gives a vivid portrait of crimefighting today
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