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  • Zepha the Monster Squid

    By Adam Blade
    Adam Blade
    The Evil Wizard Malvel has stolen the magical suit of golden armour and scattered it throughout Avantia. Tom vows to find the pieces - but they are guarded by six terrifying new Beasts! Will Tom survive an underwater battle with Zepha the Monster Squid and collect the first piece of armour?Don't missCLAW THE GIANT MONKEY, SOLTRA THE STONE CHARMER, VIPERO THE SNAKE MAN, ARACHNID THE KING OF SPIDERS, TRILLION THE THREE-HEADED LION
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  • Zak's King Arthur Adventure

    By Charlotte Guillain, Adam Guillain
    Charlotte Guillain, Adam Guillain
    Zak and his family are off to a caravan site for a holiday. Zak has brought his new metal detector. He hopes he can find some treasure! But when he finds a broken sword it leads to a much bigger adventure!Race Ahead with Reading is the perfect introduction to reading chapters with brand new page turning reads in five short bite size chapters, to encourage children to take the driving seat with their reading.
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  • Zainab and Mash

    By Jonny Zucker, Tony Ross
    Jonny Zucker
    Illustrated by:
    Tony Ross
    What's it like going to stay with a monster - and having a monster to stay with you? Zainab is an ultra-keen skateboarder and is obsessed with midnight feasts. Mash is six feet tall and has red laser beam eyes. What on earth's going to happen when these two get together? Zainab is about to find out, in her first MONSTER SWAP ...Illustrations by the million-selling Tony Ross make this a perfect book for young readers growing in confidence and for parents to read aloud. Read the other two books in the series: ROBBIE AND VOXY and EDDIE AND FENDA.
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  • Zoo In The Attic

    By Hilary Mckay
    Hilary Mckay
    Danny is mad about animals and wants a sheepdog for his birthday. But instead he gets a goldfish called Oscar. This inspires him to set up his own zoo - in the attic above his flat - a plan that proves to have it's own problems!
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