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The Blue Feather

By Gary Crew
Gary Crew
Recurring rumours of attacks by a giant raptor lead Greg Muir to seek the truth behind the bird's existence. Is it big enough to bring down a light plane? Can it carry away human beings in its talons? Is it responsible for the mutilation of a hang-glider? A quest for a creature as fearful as it is elusive . . . Is the story of the huge bird only a myth, or is it reality? And if it is a reality, what part will it play in shaping the lives of those who search for it?Blue Feather is a stunningly crafted mystery from one of Australia's most awarded writers, Gary Crew.'A beautifully crafted novel . . . Fully satisfying.' Herald Sun
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Be Brave, Pink Piglet

By Phil Cummings, Sarah Davis
Phil Cummings
Illustrated by:
Sarah Davis
A piglet's delightful adventure shows that trying new things can be rewarding and fun.A timid little piglet learns to be a brave explorer, confronting his fears and finding hilarity along the way - but still loves coming home to Mum. This warm and lively story will delight youngsters and parents alike with Phil Cummings' adorable characters and superb artwork from Crichton Award-winning illustrator Sarah Davis.
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