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Petticoat Pirates Omnibus

By Erica-Jane Waters, Penelope Rawlins
Erica-Jane Waters
Read by:
Penelope Rawlins
Together, Marina, Aqua and Oceana are the Petticoat Pirates, and this unabridged audio edition includes 2 of their fabulous adventures!The Mermaids of Starfish Reef:One day, three beautiful mermaids come to the lagoon to ask for help. A creature of the deep has come and set loose all the sea snails on their mer-farm, leaving behind nothing but a shiny scale. Can the Petticoat Pirates discover what happened and bring the sea snails back safely?One thing's for sure, they'll need all their pirate skills to solve this mystery!The Sea Fairies of Whirlpool Gully:When the other pirates of the Lagoon are struck by a mysterious curse, the girls must travel in search of sea fairies to find a cure. But to get there they'll have to face one of their greatest fears and steer their ship straight into a whirlpool!Can they be brave enough to save their friends?© Oakhill Publishing 2014
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