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  • 03: Iron Tide Rising

    By Carrie Ryan, John Parke Davis
    Carrie Ryan, John Parke Davis
    The adventure continues . . . The thrilling third book in Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis's exciting MAP TO EVERYWHERE series, a rich fantasy world bursting with pirates, magic and wonder! Join Marrill and Fin as they set sail once again on another epic adventure . . .A magical series from husband-and-wife team, John Parke Davis and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author, Carrie Ryan. Beautifully illustrated by Todd Harris.
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  • 3: Deadly Storm

    By Jan Burchett, Sara Vogler
    Jan Burchett, Sara Vogler
    The third in this exciting spy series set in Tudor England, amid the intrigue and danger of Henry VIII's royal court, from the authors of books in the bestselling Beast Quest series.It's 1532 and the royal court of King Henry VIII is on the move - and in danger!A terrible storm forces the court to shelter in a nearby castle. The King is in disguise, and he's not the only person with a secret. Death stalks the castle - but is it the dreaded plague or something even more sinister? When a servant is found dead, it's clear that something terrible is going on.Can young spy, Jack Briars, and his friend, Cat Thimblebee, solve the mystery before the King himself becomes a target?
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  • 600 Stickers

    By René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo
    René Goscinny
    Illustrated by:
    Albert Uderzo
    Put together your favourite Asterix pictures, using these 600 stickers, and have fun with plenty of games and puzzles in a book that is full of surprises!
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  • The 'Me!' Monsters

    By Jamie Rix
    Jamie Rix
    Grizzliness is out there. Every child has the makings of mischievousness, and can be lured into committing dastardly deeds. The six stories in each of the Grizzly Tales books show the rise and hard fall of vile and villainous children. We have completely reinvented Grizzly Tales for today's readers - ingenious concepts to link the separate stories, new design and illustrations, new accessible formats, but still capturing Jamie Rix's legendary brilliance for creating stories that linger in the mind long after the lights go out at night!The third title in the all-new Grizzly Tales series captures the crimes of the 'ME!' monsters - those vain, selfish, greedy little children who want only the best for themselves, usually at the expense of everyone else. Hear the shrill explosion of breaking glass as all those mirrors shatter one by one!
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