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  • Not Just the Blues

    By Claire O'Brien
    Claire O'Brien
    One day, I, Cordelia Codd, will be glamorous. I will take taxis everywhere, have an absurd-looking little dog, and Wednesdays will be manicure day.But for now, I'm stuck with:a totally un-glamorous school bus chauffeur,two mean EX-best friends,a 50% reduction in parents,and cat litter Fridays.Did I tell you how utterly ridiculous my life is...?
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    No Way to Go

    By Bernard Ashley
    Bernard Ashley
    Amber is shocked when her brother falls to his death from a tower block. She's convinced it wasn't an accident, and so begins her journey to discover the truth and bring some kind of justice for Connor. With twists, turns and a fabulous multi-layered plot, Bernard Ashley has created a thrilling and engrossing tale. Set in south east London, this is a incredibly gritty and absorbing novel.
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