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  • Take Great Photos!

    By Adam Sutherland
    Adam Sutherland
    Have you got an eye for a photo? Find out how to make your photos stand out from the crowd with this brilliant book. Packed with hints, skills and tips to get you noticed, this book will help you to focus all of that creative energy!
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  • Teams

    By Pete May
    Pete May
    A fun look at the World Cup that features all the facts and stats, lists and essential data that boys (and lots of girls!) of all ages love. This book counts down the ten best teams in World Cup history, from Brazil in 1970 to Germany in 2014, and looks forward to the games and players that will light up the 2018 World Cup.Written by a successful journalist and social commentator with a particular interest in football, each book includes a big quiz so that readers can challenge their friends to see who is the real Football Expert! Perfect for readers aged 7 and up.
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  • Textile Crafts

    By Annalees Lim
    Annalees Lim
    This textile-based craft book will have you making a range of unique - and useful - homemade creations. A tote bag, accessories, pincushions and more are included in this brilliant step-by-step book.Part of a series of six titles, Craft Attack is aimed at modern kids with a style to match. The instructions are easy to follow and positively encourage experimentation and customisation.
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  • To Bake

    By Stephanie Turnbull
    Stephanie Turnbull
    Think you could be the next big thing in baking? Master some baking basics and then try your hand at some of the delicious recipes for cakes, puddings, biscuits and more in this mouth-watering book.You don't need to spend a fortune on your own cool, custom-made stuff. Ingenious ways to use inexpensive materials - many of which you may already have lying around mean you can bake, sew, make and grow loads of brilliant things. Four lovely step-by-step books that encourage readers to use the materials and environment around them to encourage creativity. Can also be used to demonstrate ways to recycle and reuse everyday materials and encourage discussions around wasting food and other resources.
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