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  • Queen Elizabeth II

    By Izzi Howell
    Izzi Howell
    Find out about the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her early life and ascent to the throne to her life as queen. For children following Book Bands, it is suitable for children reading at band 8, purple.The Info Buzz series, for age 5+, helps children develop their knowledge and understanding of the world by covering a wide range of topics in a fun, colourful and interactive way. The books have a lively design, engaging text and photos, questions to get children thinking and talking and teaching notes. Each title is written in conjunction with a literacy consultant and features book band guidance and downloadable activity sheets online.
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    Queen Elizabeth II's Britain

    By Jacqui Bailey
    Jacqui Bailey
    Elizabeth II's Britain examines the recent history of Britain, during the time of the country's longest-reigning monach. Exploring the Britain the Queen was born into and took over when her reign began, the Commonwealth, changing social times, family, fashion, technology and work, the book builds up a picture of how life in Britain has changed. The book is brought alive with humourous cartoon and by memories in the form of quotes from people who remember the events and changes from the past 60 years. It is illustrated with pictures of the Queen and the Royal family and historical photos of life in Britain. Ideal for the 9-11 year old reader.
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