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  • Journeys

    By Caryn Jenner
    Caryn Jenner
    It's fun to go on a journey. You can walk, bike or go in a car, bus, train, boat or an aeroplane! Why not make your own car, become a train with your friends or sail a boat?Learning through play helps children make sense of their world. The 'Play and Discover' series is perfect for developing their natural curiosity. There is lots to talk about and great ideas for creative play. Each book includes notes for parents and teachers with further activity ideas. Perfect for the EYFS.
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  • Just Like Me!

    By Damian Harvey, Federica Nuccio, Roberta Vottero
    Damian Harvey
    Illustrated by:
    Federica Nuccio, Roberta Vottero
    Just Like Me! is a fun story for young animal and photography fans who are beginning to read on their own. Perfect for children aged 4+ who are reading at book band red.Pete's having so much fun taking pictures of all the animals - but one animal wants to take a picture of Pete!The Tiddlers series features fun stories with a word count of fewer than 50 words for children who are just starting to read. A word list at the beginning of the story allows for a quick check of the reader's ability to read and understand words before reading, and a spot the picture puzzle at the end of the story encourages rereading for pleasure. Compiled in consultation with Catherine Glavina, PGCE and Primary Course Leader, The Centre for Professional Education, University of Warwick.
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