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  • Bang the Drum

    By Kate Ruttle
    Kate Ruttle
    Bang the Drum looks at different instruments and the sounds they make, to support the teaching of reading using phonics.
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  • Blue

    By Gabrielle Woolfitt
    Gabrielle Woolfitt
    This photographic series will look at the colour blue around the world, from colour in food, animals, nature, everyday objects, historical objects, in festivals and in habitats. Written by a science teacher, these books contain questions throughout to give children a chance to think about and discuss colours around them.
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  • Bubbles, Tub, Have a Scrub!

    By Debbie Foy
    Debbie Foy
    Explore simple bath time routines in a positive, rewarding and engaging way that young children will love!With fun rhymes and bright, friendly pictures, the All By Myself series helps to nurture your child's sense of pride and growing independence. It features fun, subject-specific learning elements based around counting, colours, shapes, and basic time concepts.
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