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  • Rabbit

    By Pat Jacobs
    Pat Jacobs
    Whether they already own one, or beg for one each Christmas and birthday, children love pets, and Pet Pals: Rabbit is the perfect title for any bunny-loving child out there. From where they sleep to what they eat, and how you can make them feel safe and at home, this book provides all the pet care advice you could possibly need. Learn how rabbits communicate, the games they like to play and the treats they like to eat, as well as how to care for them.Adorable photos, and gentle, accessible text, makes this the perfect guide for all rabbit carers - whether they own a bunny or not!
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  • Record-Breaking Humans

    By Jon Richards, Ed Simkins
    Jon Richards, Ed Simkins
    From the tallest to the shortest, the fastest to the strongest, and the oldest to the richest, this book looks at amazing human record-breakers. It uses stunning icons, graphics and visualisations to show you how human beings keep pushing their potential to the absolute limits.Meet the tallest and shortest people and compare your hand to the biggest in the world!See just how far some divers can swim underwater on a single breath of air.Compare the size of the largest film cast with the population of Iceland.Measure the world's largest book next to a giraffe.
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  • The Rugby World Cup 2015

    By Sean Callery
    Sean Callery
    Discover the teams and players battling for the ultimate rugby trophy and what it means to be a host nation. Find out about the venues, learn about the tournament's fascinating history and marvel at the exciting events of past competitions. Packed with information on how the tournament works, from the players and coaches to requirements of hosting.Cup Fact boxes give amazing World Cup statistics, One to Watch features identify key players to look out for in the tournament. Exciting pitch-side photographs show top players from around the world in action. A great read for young international and England rugby fans alike as the nation prepares to host this prestigious tournament.
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  • Rugby

    By Clive Gifford
    Clive Gifford
    Learn how to perfect the skills, tactics and theory of rugby - from beginner-basic techniques to professional rules.
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