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  • Quick Expert's Guide: Safe Social Networking

    By Anita Naik
    Anita Naik
    With this book, the Quick Expert's Team has crafted the perfect guide for you to become a safe and savvy social networker. We show you how to make the most of social networks and dodge the pitfalls - master the privacy settings, control how much you share, and avoid peer pressure so that you have the best time online.This series offers a shortcut to instant expertise! Quick Expert's Guides are aimed at teens and 'tweens who are keen to know more about a popular topic but who may be put off the idea of having to read wordy or technical guides. Each title includes features that break down the complex aspects of the subject, inspirational case studies, activities and a final project to test the reader's new skills. Chapter round-ups also offer tips on key words and phrases as well as boosting self esteem and confidence, in order to walk the walk and talk the talk of a true expert.
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    Queen Elizabeth II: Her Story Diamond Jubilee

    By John Malam
    John Malam
    This year Queen Elizabeth II enjoys 60 glorious years as monarch with a Diamond Jubilee celebration to be held on 5th June 2012. Queen Elizabeth II, Her Story recounts the life of our Queen from her birth to present day. It is the story of a princess who became Queen and head of the Royal House of Windsor.* Birth of a Princess* The Little Princesses* Life in the Palace* Princess at War* Elizabeth becomes Queen* The Royla Family* Royal Duties* The Royal family TreeEarly photographs capture the Queen's early years and a Royal family tree place the events of her life in context.
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