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  • Jasmine's SO Fussy

    By Judith Heneghan, Jack Hughes
    Judith Heneghan
    Illustrated by:
    Jack Hughes
    Jasmine is a fussy dragon. She only likes purple, hates dressing up and refuses to eat different foods. The other dragons are getting ready for a party, but Jasmine's fussiness is spoiling the fun. Can her friends persuade her to try something new?Read about good manners and behaviour in these delightful stories.
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  • JK Rowling

    By Cath Senker
    Cath Senker
    The series focuses on the people who inspire children today. Each book looks at the background, life and achievements of a personality, their impact on popular culture as well as detailing the everyday facets of their job and how they have gained such success.
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  • Jack and the Aliens

    By Andy Blackford
    Andy Blackford
    One day some aliens come to visit Earth. When they leave, Jack loses his dog. Could the aliens have taken her?
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