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Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Antarctic Expedition

By Anita Ganeri
Anita Ganeri
In October 1914, the explorer, Ernest Shakleton and a team of men, set out on the ship, Endurance, to cross Antarctica via the South Pole. A few months into their voyage, the ship became trapped in ice, eventually sinking.With little hope of rescue, Shakleton's crew lived on the ice, enduring freezing temperatures and with only the food they could catch from the sea. When the ice floes began to crack beneath them, the men undertook a treacherous journey in three small lifeboats across the icy, stormy sea, eventually landing on Elephant Island - a place where no-one lived or was ever likely to visit...Retold in vivid detail and illustrated with contemporary photographs and artefacts, this story recounts one of the most astonishing feats of exploration and human endeavor ever recorded.
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  • Emmy's Eczema

    By Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes
    Emmy has eczema. She knows she shouldn't scratch. But sometimes she's so itchy, she just can't help it. One day, she scratches so much she makes her skin really sore. Find out how her friends make her feel better.This gentle story helps children to understand what it is like to have eczema, and how you can be a better friend to someone who has it by being kind and helpful.
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  • The Elves and the Emperor

    By Hilary Robinson, Simona Sanfilippo
    Hilary Robinson
    Illustrated by:
    Simona Sanfilippo
    The Elves are helping to make the Emperor a brand new set of clothes.
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