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  • Clap Your Hands

    By Kate Ruttle
    Kate Ruttle
    Clap Your Hands looks at the different sounds that you can make using your body, to support the teaching of reading using phonics.
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  • The Cowardly Lion

    By Joe Hackett
    Joe Hackett
    Latif the Lion is afraid of everything. How can his friends help him become a real lion?Every story in the Animal School series centres around the animals at Animal School. Each character is the opposite of what you would expect- a cowardly lion, a speedy tortoise, a pig who doesn't like getting dirty and a frog who is afraid of the water.
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  • Clean and Tidy

    By Claire Llewellyn
    Claire Llewellyn
    Clean and Tidy looks at how to keep clean, neat and tidy, from brushing your hair to having a bath. This non-fiction series of four books is at band 3 of the Start Reading programme.
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