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  • Shakespeare

    By Clive Gifford
    Clive Gifford
    In which play would you find the characters, Bottom, Quince, Puck and Titania?How many of Shakespeare's history plays featured a King called Henry in their title?Does Juliet die by poison, stabbing herself or throwing herself off of a balcony?So you've read Shakespeare's plays, maybe seen them performed. Now you can test whether you really know about his plays and his extraordinary life. There are quizzes on Shakespeare's life and times including questions on plays and theatres of the time; the 15 most popular plays each has a dedicated quiz; there are 5 additional quizzes covering Shakespeare's remaining works - Poems & Sonnets/ Histories/ Tragedies/ Comedies/ Romances.
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    The Science of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials

    By Mary Gribbin, John Gribbin
    Mary Gribbin, John Gribbin
    The amazing true science behind the fiction of His Dark Materials, ideal for fans of the original trilogy and The Book of Dust, with an introduction by Philip Pullman.Award-winning science writers Mary and John Gribbin reveal how the world of Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy (Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass) is rooted in astonishing scientific truth. Drawing on string theory and spacetime, quantum physics and chaos theory, they answer fascinating questions such as: could parallel worlds like Will's and Lyra's really exist? How does the subtle knife cut through anything? Could there be a bomb like the one made with Lyra's hair? And, of course, what are the Dark Materials?
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