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By Paul Thurlby
Paul Thurlby
An incredibly stylish numbers book - perfect for children and adults alike.Have fun with numbers with an award-winning illustrator. Paul creates an amazing world where each number becomes its word. From '3 for 3D' and '5 for high five' to '10 for a perfect 10', each number is familiar, yet unique. Beautiful and covetable, this book deserves a place on every coffee table - as well as in every nursery.Praise for Alphabet: 'Skilfully constructed and cleverley composed, it's an awesome alphabet book that adults will also appreciate.' Kirkus Reviews'Paul Thurlby's prints are so ludicrously beautiful that I am seriously tempted to blow the budget, order the whole lot and paper a wall with them.' India Knight, journalist and author
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The Nativity Play

By Mick Inkpen, Nick Butterworth
Mick Inkpen, Nick Butterworth
A modern classic by the best-selling creators of Percy the Park Keeper and Kipper celebrating that great tradition: The Nativity Play.This book is a warm-hearted celebration of a childhood classic - The Nativity Play. A hilarious tribute to all those who perform miracles with wire coathangers and stripy towels!This reissue with a wonderfully festive cover will delight a new generation of children.
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  • Numbers

    By Stephen Gulbis, Richard Ferguson
    Stephen Gulbis, Richard Ferguson
    Count from one to ten and join in the meerkat madness! In these inventive pop-ups, follow the meerkats as they get up to all sorts of fun and mischief on trampolines and pogo sticks! Meerkats are as popular as ever with TV adverts like Compare the Meerkat.
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