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  • Lone Wolf

    By Robert Muchamore
    Robert Muchamore
    The sixteenth title in the number one bestselling CHERUB series! Fay has spent eighteen months locked up in a Secure Training Centre. Drug deals and rip-offs are the only things this teenager knows. Now she's back on the street, looking to settle old scores. CHERUB agents Ryan and Ning need Fay's knowledge to unearth a major drug importer. They're trained professionals with one essential advantage: even experienced criminals never suspect that children are spying on them. But Fay's made a lot of enemies and she's running out of time ... For official purposes, these children do not exist.
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  • Lost Spirits

    By Gabriella Poole
    Gabriella Poole
    A new term, a new location for the Darke Academy - and everything is different for Cassie Bell. The beauty of the turquoise Kenyan sea can't make up for the loss of her soulmate, Ranjit. He's on the run, and Cassie will do anything to find him. But when the evil Katerina and her mother appear, more powerful than ever, Cassie has to make a crucial decision. And her love for Ranjit might just be her ultimate weakness ...
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    By L.S. Matthews
    L.S. Matthews
    Lexi remembers nothing - not even her name. Waking in the forest, she has only one clue: the tiny silver key on a chain round her neck. Drawn in by the city, she meets the children of the streets. Their dangerous world is full of myths: the Warrior Angels, the Scarlet Prince ...And so begins Lexi's search for her lost memories ...
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  • The Little Mermaid

    Arianne, a young mermaid princess, falls in love with a human prince and dreams of life on land. She seeks out the sea witch so as to have the chance to win the prince's heart - but the sea witch's magic potion comes at a high price.(P) Arcadia Entertainment 2008
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