• Teen Stars Series - New Release

    Justin Bieber

    Welcome to Teen Stars! Whether you're already a fan, or just want to find out more, this Justin Bieber book has something for everyone who's into the teen celebrity scene.
  • Dream to Win Series

    Andy Murray

    Ever had a dream -- a dream to win? Andy had a dream -- to be the number one tennis player. This is the story of Andy's early years and his break through into the top ten ranking.
  • I, Hero Tyranno Quest Series - New Release

    Ice Strike

    Your quest is to defeat Tyranno. But he is sending Arktos, evil ruler of Iceworld, to attack Earth. Use your DART suit to travel across space to destroy Arktos and his alien forces. Capture his Staff of Power and use it to upgrade your DART suit. But will YOU make the right choices to get that far? You are the hero of this book. Only you can decide your own destiny...
  • Teen Stars Series - New Release

    Taylor Momsen

    The Taylor Momsen celebrity biography will appeal to existing fans and those coming into the teen celebrity scene. Get more facts, biographical snippets and glossy photos!
  • I, Hero Tyranno Quest Series - New Release

    Earth Attack

    As Tyranno prepares to unleash his alien armies on Earth, only one person stands in his way - YOU! Your quest is to save the planet by defeating Tyranno. But the evil Starlord is strong and powerful. It will take all your skill and strength to free the universe from the grip of Tyranno. All you need to do is make the right choices... You are the hero of this book. Only you can decide your own destiny...
  • Dream to Win Series

    Rebecca Adlington

    Ever had a dream -- a dream to win? Rebecca had a dream -- to be an Olympic gold medal winner. This is the story of Rebecca's early years and her break through into the British Olympic swimming team.
  • Rivets Series


    Adaq and Maya are siblings - urban professionals with a unique set of thieving skills. When Adaq lifts a package from his latest target he has no idea what he's getting into. Before he can blink, the target is lying dead on the ground and he is running for his life. A sharp, urban thriller from Joe Craig, author of the international best-selling Jimmy Coates series.
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Fast Lane Resources

Fast Lane is an eight book series of blow-your-socks-off fiction for teens who aren`t keen to pick up books. Each title contains a manageable story, with around 2000 words spread over 64 pages and illustrated with eye-catching black and white artwork. Download resources here.
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Go Turbo Resources

Go Turbo is a series of ten titles that features fact and fiction to engage readers in topics of high interest. Download resources here.
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I, HERO Resources

I, Hero is a series of interactive adventures where YOU are the hero and can decide your own destiny as the story progresses. These fast-paced stories and short paragraphs make this perfect for a wide range of reading abilities, but especially reluctant readers. Download resources here.
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Classics Retold Resources

Classics Retold is a series of adaptations of well-known stories designed to introduce young readers to the classic works. Divided into short chapters and illustrated with black and white artwork, each title offers the reader an accessible and exciting read. Download resources here.
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The Baker Street Irregulars Resources

The Baker Street Irregulars is a four-book graphic novel series about the adventures of a group of cheeky Victorian street urchins who decide to take up detective work on discovering that Sherlock Holmes is mysteriously missing. Download a free chapter from the first book in the series, The Adventures of the Missing Detective.
An EDGE Series

Horowitz Graphic Horror

These are full colour, graphic novel adaptations of some of the most hauntingly entertaining Anthony Horowitz short stories. Adapted by Tony Lee, these are perfect for readers looking for an instant hit of horror.

Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz was born in 1955 and sent to Orley Farm, a particularly vicious boy's preparatory school in North London, which gave him his first taste of horror. Afterwards he went to Rugby School and York University. He is probably known as a screen writer and his work includes Foyle's War, Murder in Mind, Midsomer Murders, Menace and Agatha Christie's Poirot.

"I've always liked horror," Anthony says. "I love those dark things that are always just out of sight . . . in the corner of your eye." But he is equally at ease with comedy, thrillers and even spy fantasies . . . his Alex Rider series has enjoyed worldwide success. All in all, he has written over twenty books for children.

For Orchard Books Anthony has written Horowitz Horror and More Horowitz Horror, two collection of scary short stories that will make your spine tingle! The stories are also available individually as Pocket Horowitz paperbacks.

Anthony lives in North London with his wife and two sons, Nicholas and Cassian.

Tony Lee

A New York Times Best-selling Graphic Novelist, Tony Lee was born in West London, UK in 1970. Informed by a teacher that he had a comic book style of writing, (a comment meant more as an insult), Tony decided that one day he would write for comics.

Tony has written for a variety of mediums including Radio 4, The BBC, commerical television in both the UK and US, magazines and both local and national newspapers.

Since 2002, he has written for a variety of publishers including Marvel Comics, DC Comics/Zuda, Games Workshop, Panini Comics, Titan Publishing, AAM/Markosia Enterprises, Rebellion/2000ad and IDW Publishing amongst others, writing a variety of creator owned titles and licenses that include X-Men, Spider Man, Doctor Who, Starship Troopers, Wallace & Gromit and Shrek.

He is the writer of the ongoing Doctor Who series of comics from IDW, beginning in July 2009, and his award nominated, creator-owned miniseries Hope Falls was collected by AAM/Markosia in May 2009. His next book with them, From The Pages Of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula': Harker, was released in November 2009 to critical acclaim.

Added to this, Tony adapted Pride & Prejudice & Zombies into a graphic novel for Del Rey Publishing, with art by Cliff Richards - this was a New York Times #1 Bestselling Paperback Graphic Novel for May 2010 - he is also adapting Anthony Horowitz's Power of Five series into graphic format for Walker Books, the first - Raven's Gate is due out in late 2010, and he has adapted four Horowitz Horror books with Dan Boultwood for Hachette Children's Books.

His other book with Walker Books, Outlaw: The Legend Of Robin Hood (drawn by Sam Hart) was released in 2009 and has already been awarded a Junior Library Guild: Fall 2009 Selection, and 'best for 2010' awards from both the American Library Association and the New York Public Library in the USA, among others. In March 2010 it was announced that it was also a finalist for the Children's Choice Book Awards.

Anthony Masters

A distinguished, award-winning writer for both children and adults, Anthony Masters has been described by Junior Bookseller as 'a skilled novelist and a man of deep understanding - [he] writes beautifully, giving each word its value'.
An EDGE Series

Dream to Win

An inspirational set of biographies focusing on the skill and determination needed to break through into the world of top-class sport. Each book is presented in manageable amounts of text and are illustrated with black and white artwork.
An EDGE Series

Teen Stars

The appealing biographies in this series give reluctant readers what they really want - more facts, biographical snippets and glossy photos. These stars are all established or breaking through in film, TV or music, so they have a recognised fan base and media profile.

Anita Ganeri

Anita Ganeri is an award-winning author of children's information books. She has been a writer for 20 years, after working in-house for Usborne Publishing and Walker Books. She specialises in the natural world, religion and mythology but is always looking for new challenges. Among her many titles are the best-selling 'Horrible Geography' series for Scholastic Children's Books which won the Blue Peter Book Award for the Best Book with Facts in 2009 and the Tivy Education Medal from the Royal Scottish Geographical Society for an outstanding contribution to geographical education. Anita lives in northern England with her husband, children, dogs and cat. She enjoys reading, walking the Moors, playing tennis and dreaming of winning Wimbledon.

Craig Simpson

Born: In the same year as the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962). Craig figures he's lucky to be alive!
Place of Birth: Just a few miles from Beaulieu, the location of the real wartime school for spies.
Previous Occupations: Mad scientist.
Currently Living: Classified.
Additional: Craig does all sorts of events throughout the UK including talks, writing workshops, activities (e.g. coding challenges), literary festivals and quizzes.

An EDGE Series

Danger Zone

These punchy true stories of determination and heroism show real people who fight to survive in the danger zone. Each book builds opportunities for discussion and features further facts, maps and a timeline.
An EDGE Series

I Hero

An interactive series where readers are the hero and can decide their own destiny as the story progresses. These fast-paced stories with their short paragraphs are perfect for bringing out the hero in every reader.

Steve Barlow

As 50% of the Two Steves, Steve Barlow has written over 160 books with Steve Skidmore since their first published work appeared in 1988. Born in Crewe, he was educated at Crewe Grammar School, Warwick University and Nottingham University before a varied career in teaching, acting, stage management and puppetry. He worked in a village school in Botswana for four years before returning to the UK and working with Steve Skidmore. The Two Steves tour extensively in the UK and overseas, and are frequent visitors to book festivals including Edinburgh and Hay. Their work for Hachette includes the highly popular I Hero and Crime Team choose-your-adventure books, and their I Horror series is raising the short hairs at the back of readers' necks with Orchard Books.

An EDGE Series

I Hero Tyranno Quest

In this hot spin-off from the popular I Hero series, YOU are pitted against the evil Starlord Tyranno as he battles to take over planet Earth. This alien-tastic interactive series will appeal to fans of Beast Quest and Ben 10. Each book is packed with illustrations of aliens, weapons and DART suit updates.
An EDGE Series


Rivets is a new series of 'one-off' short novels written by exciting, high-profile authors. The books are perfect for readers who want to enjoy a book by a bestselling author, but who lack the stamina of a full-length novel.
An EDGE Series

Deadly Tales

Two "dare-you-to-read-it" urban legends in each book feed off adolescent fear. The short stories, featuring haunting black and white illustrations, are perfect for hard-to-reach readers by keeping the word count low and the interest level high.
An EDGE Series

Task Force Delta

These short format stories are designed to entice those immersed in computer console battle games, with an all-action narrative focusing on special combat operations in Afghanistan. Reluctant readers will be drawn in by the authentic characters, weapons and realistic conflict and its effects.

Roy Apps

Roy Apps is the author of more than fifty children's books, including The Twitches, Fang Gang and How To Handle. He is the author of the highly successful Dream to Win series for Franklin Watts.
His novel The Secret Summer of Daniel Lyons won The Writers' Guild Children's Book Award and was shortlisted for the Whitbread Awards. It is now a successful musical.
Roy writes extensively for radio, theatre and TV. In 2001 he was awarded a BAFTA for his children's TV work, which includes Byker Grove, The Ghost Hunter and Barmy Aunt Boomerang.
Roy visits schools, libraries and bookshops to read from his books and to share the secrets of The Shed in Your Head . He runs Writing Projects for all ages and over the last few years has helped young and new writers make books, stage plays, films, performance poetry and most recently, an opera.

An EDGE Series

Classics Retold

These are illustrated adaptations of well-known stories, designed to offer young readers an exciting and accessible introduction to the classics. Each book includes an account of the origins of the full-length story and a brief author biography.
An EDGE Series

Max Finder

These graphic novels, starring amateur detective Max Finder and his best friend/budding journalist Alison Santos, combine "solve-it-yourself" mysteries with exclusive bonus content including puzzles. The two intrepid investigators must call upon their skills to crack each case.
An EDGE Series

Football All Stars

Each book traces the galactic rise of some of today's top football stars through a punchy biographical style. Each book includes all-action colour photography from club and international games in a flipbook format.
An EDGE Series

Fast Lane

The blow-your-socks-off fiction in the Fast Lane series is perfect for teens who are struggling with reading. Each book has around 2,000 words spread over 64 pages, making them manageable reads.
An EDGE Series

Go Turbo

This power-packed series encourages older, disengaged readers to return to books. The information is presented in bite-size pieces to appeal to a wide range of reading abilities. Each book features a fast-paced story to give a richer reading experience.
An EDGE Series

Crime Team

You are the leader of Crime Team, a top crime-busting unit. You are called in to solve only the toughest mysteries with the help of your expert team. The books include visual puzzles and images containing clues.
An EDGE Series

The Crew

This action-packed adventure series is perfect for boys and girls who need to build their reading confidence. Each story is broken up into short chapters, with easy-to-manage amounts of text per page.
An EDGE Series

My Zone

This sharp and edgy series looks at the hot topics interesting young people today. Each book includes real-life stories, case studies, diaries and letters to engage readers -- perfect reading for girls!
An EDGE Series

Action Force

Ride along with some of the world's toughest, highly trained units. The action-packed books, filled with explosive photography, bring together experiences of the world's serving personnel.
An EDGE Series

Monster Tracker

The Monster Tracker series takes a fresh look at legends, tales and sightings of monsters and weird creatures from around the world. The case studies, with cross-overs into history, geography and culture, are sure to be a scream for both children and teachers.
An EDGE Series

Extreme Games

Highlighting the sports and stars of ESPN's X-Games extreme sports tournament, this series catapults readers into the facts, stats and action. Including all sports featured in the Summer and Winter X-Games, this is an one-stop shop for the history of the X-Games and key superstars.
An EDGE Series

Graphic Chillers

These retellings of classic horror stories in graphic novel form are perfect for readers who are not engaging with traditional texts. The atmospheric artwork brings the fear and mystery to life.
An EDGE Series

Battle Books

Take up your weapons and prepare to fight your own battle in these all-action interactive adventures! The books present epic battles throughout history in an engaging way that will get readers hooked.