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  • Hardback £10.99
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    • ISBN:9780752873015
    • Publication date:14 Oct 2005
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    • ISBN:9780752875484
    • Publication date:21 Sep 2006
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Asterix And The Falling Sky

Album 33

By Albert Uderzo

  • E-Book
  • £P.O.R.

The 33rd album chronicling the much-loved adventures of Asterix and friends - now available in eBook format for the first time in English!

The Gauls have only one fear: that the sky may fall on their heads tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes, says Chief Vitalstatistix. Or does it? It looks as if it's come at last for Asterix, Obelix and the other villagers. And some surprising new characters fall along with the sky. Our friends soon find themselves in the middle of a space race...

Biographical Notes

Rene Goscinny was born in Paris in 1926, and spent most of his childhood in Argentina, before eventually moving to Paris in 1951. He died in 1977. Albert Uderzo was born in 1927 in a small village in Marne, France. He met Rene Goscinny in 1951 and on 29 October 1959 their most famous creation, Asterix, made his first appearance on page 20 of PILOTE. ASTERIX THE GAUL, their first album, was published in 1961 and there have now been 35 Asterix albums.

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  • ISBN: 9781444013405
  • Publication date: 02 Oct 2014
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  • Imprint: Orion Children's Books
...combines its trademark graphics with a brand of comic-book art more readily associated with Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon series. Its format and jokes remain comfortingly familiar, and the later are still not afraid to keep one eye on contemporary concerns — Toby Lichtig, TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT
Asterix and the Falling Sky has done what few series manage to do - it has moved into the future while maintaining all the historical elements which make it so popular with fans around the world. Here's hoping for another album before too long, by Toutatis! — WESTERN MAIL CARDIFF
new readers and particularly children will enjoy the wonderful illustration, characters, and, most importantly, the humour of the latest book — FRENCH MAGAZINE