Our Authors
Adam Guillain

Adam is co-founder of Storytelling Schools and he writes many books with his wife, Charlotte.For all his latest publications and news please visit
Charlotte and Adam Guillain

Charlotte says she doesn't come from anywhere because she moved around a lot when she was growing up. She always wanted to be a writer and worked as a bookseller before training to teach English as a Foreign Language. This took her to the Czech Republic and Ukraine, before she headed to Zanzibar to teach English to student nurses. On her return to the UK, Charlotte moved to Oxford where she started working in publishing before going freelance and writing children's non-fiction. She now writes picture books and young fiction, both with her husband Adam, and on her own.
Stephen Gulbis

Steve was born in Somerset to an English mother and Latvian father. He grew up in North Yorkshire and took a BA Hons degree in Graphic Design at Bath Academy of Art. Steve has been a freelance illustrator since 1981, and has had many advertising commissions, has designed lots of book jackets and is a regular contributor to Soccerstars magazine.Steve lives with his wife and their two daughters, Laura and Rosie, in Banbury, Oxfordsire.

Although Gwé dreamed of becoming a ballerina as a young girl she eventually found another passion, making her pencils dance for the creation of children's books, toys and clothes.After graduating from Fine Arts, Gwé set about designing logos, posters and catalogues in the areas of fashion, food and music. This came to a halt when she decided to follow her true nature and passion, designing for children.Whether it's costumes, toys or books about princesses in far away places, Gwé is at home illustrating for kids. The arrival of her own daughter has further confirmed her love of illustrating and the joy her work brings to little ones of all ages. Regardless of what Gwé sets out to create she always remains true to her child at heart.