Our Authors
Richard Dungworth

Richard began writing for children over twenty years ago, working for a publisher on non-fiction titles. Since going freelance in 2001, he has written mostly fiction - about pirates, potties, dragon-tamers and a whole host of other things. He has also created original stories to support a wide range of exciting licensed properties, including Doctor Who, Moomins, Wallace and Gromit, Transformers, MI High and The Incredibles. The stories he enjoys writing most of all are ones that rhyme. Richard lives in Leicestershire with his wife, who has a proper job.
Delphine Durand

Delphine was born and brought up in Dijon. She studied illustration in Strasbourg and has been working as an illustrator ever since, working on both magazines and children's books. For Orchard Books Delphine has teamed up with Miriam Moss for Scritch Scratch (October 2001)Delphine has also illustrated for many publishers including Random House New York.Delphine lives in Marseille, but works mainly in Paris.
Alan Durant

Alan Durant writes fiction for all ages, from picture books and young fiction to teenage thrillers and poetry for adults. His titles include the award-winning Burger Boy, illustrated by Mei Matsuoka, and Kate Greenaway-nominated Always and Forever, illustrated by Debi Gliori.
Nikki Dyson

Nikki Dyson has been illustrating children's book since 2006, as well as creating artwork for Hallmark and National Geographic Kids. Her books include Dinosaurs Don't Have Bedtimes, Zippo the Super Hippo, 1000 Animals and 1000 Things to Eat. She lives in Oxfordshire. Find Nikki online at and on Twitter @DoodleDyson.