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David Lee Stone

David has been creating the world of Illmoor since he was ten years old. He works as a freelance writer for SFX magazine. He lives on the coast in Kent with his wife Chiara, and has a baby German Shepherd called Cher.
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The Shadewell Shenanigans

David Lee Stone
David Lee Stone

Groan Teethgrit and Gordo Goldeaxe have looted one village too many, and now the Lords of Illmoor are baying for their blood. Can Duke Modeset, exiled Lord of Dullitch, devise a plan clever enough to topple the duo AND Groan's equally reckless half-brother? Of course he can't, he's next to useless himself ... ... but he does have one secret weapon: an extremely beautiful princess who seems willing to do absolutely nothing for the good of her country.