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Miranda Maxwell-Hyslop

Miranda has lived in France, Italy and London. She has always loved art, and sold her first illustration at the age of 25. It was of a
restaurant called 'La Strega' (The Witch) and is hanging there still.

She loves travel and enjoys having fun. She chose to write and illustrate specifically for children because children's books are a way of passing on knowledge while providing entertainment for others and herself. Miranda may be contacted at: mirandamaxwellhyslop@yahoo.com

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Hodder Children's Books

Princess Lola's Wobbly Week

Miranda Maxwell-Hyslop
Miranda Maxwell-Hyslop

Princess Lola is having a wobbly week. She is fed up with having to wear a dress so she decides not to be a princess and be someone else instead. But being somebody else is no fun when your friends don't recognise you... Can Lola find a way to be herself?