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Miguel Sanchez

Sr.Sanchez studied fine art in Valencia and this influence shows in his warm and vibrant use of colour, describing the Mediterranean climate of his home country so well. His style is fresh, using flat colours with an eye-catching quality. He currently lives in Madrid, likes the countryside, mountains, and cycles pretty much everywhere.
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Franklin Watts

Go Green!

Liz Gogerly, Miguel Sanchez
Liz Gogerly, Miguel Sanchez

It's Anjali's birthday party and the children have had a great time. But looking around the room at the end, they see mountains of rubbish, from food waste to wrapping paper, burst balloons and small plastic toys. What will happen to all of this waste?The children find out what happens at a recycling centre and about the huge amount of objects that can be recycled or reused. They learn how to take action outside by helping nature, reducing waste at school dinners, and saving energy and water at home. Through chatting to teachers and local people, the children learn all about green topics such as landfills, litter, plastic mountains in oceans and global warming. But it's not all doom and gloom. They discover that there are ways that they can take action to help save their environment and the planet. By walking to school or switching off lights when they don't need them, this book is full of ideas for reducing and reusing. At the end they hold a fun Eco Festival to raise awareness of how easy it is to 'go green'! 'Stop and Think' panels encourage readers to think about the problem in their local area and 'Take Action' panels give advice for how readers can get involved