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Matt Ottley is one of Australia's most acclaimed children's author/illustrators and his works have been translated into several languages. He also works as a composer and musician. Matt's works include WHAT FAUST SAW, LUKE'S WAY OF LOOKING (CBCA Honour Book, 2000), REQUIEM FOR A BEAST (CBCA Picture Book of the Year and Queensland Premier's Award for YA Fiction 2008), HOME AND AWAY (CBCA Honour Book 2009) and PARACHUTE (CBCA Honour Book 2014).
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Home and Away

John Marsden, Matt Ottley
John Marsden, Matt Ottley

We're a typical Australian family. Barbeques, footy, gardening, school, Holden Commodores . . . Then one day things change. 'April 26, Dad burns the toast, yells at Toby, thanks me for cleaning the cab of the truck, kisses Mum and Toby, then he's gone . . . April 27, the war starts . . . May 21, the city's in ruins, blackouts nearly all the time, food is hard to find . . . September 13, Dad's hears news of a boat. We might get out of here yet . . . September 28, it's just after dawn. A boat from their Navy has found us. We wave and cry and cheer. But then, slowly, we realise they are shouting at us, telling us to go away . . . September 30, we are in a huge prison, with razor wire all around us . . .'Powerful and thought-provoking, HOME AND AWAY is a CBCA Honour Book.'so powerful, so moving and so heartbreaking that every Australian should be encouraged to read it' READINGS